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Celebrating the Birthday of 
Peter Powell Roberts
with an upcoming Art Exhibit

The month of July will unveil never before seen works of Peter Powell Roberts.


July 6, 2024 from noon to 2 PM 

"Six On The Sixth" Exhibit and Reception

We will also be showing “6 on the 6th”.
Six of Peter’s works that people have never seen before!

July 21, 2024 from 2 PM to 6 PM 

The 100th Birthday Celebration

You can help us celebrate by submitting your own art work influenced by Peter's paintings.

Deadline for submission is June 29, 2024

See additional details below

"Influenced By"
Peter Powell Roberts Art Exhibition

What we are looking for:
We, at the Peter Powell Robert's Museum have set up this opportunity as a way for us to showcase local artists of all ages.  We are not limiting the medium that you is wide open to YOUR interpretation and how looking at PPR's work inspires you!  Fiber Art, Painting, Drawing, Photography, Digital Graphics, Stained name it...we want to see it!  We ARE limiting the amount of pieces that we will accept to 3. 
Until we receive all the works in one place, it will be hard to promise that all 3 will be shown.  We also need to limit the SIZE to 20"x30".


How to prepare:
1. Get inspired/influenced for your creation by taking a moment to look at a collection of his is a catalog of some of the favorites.
2. Create your piece(s).
3. Register yourself as a participating artist by loading photos of your works.
4. Deliver your piece to the museum on or before Saturday June 29th 2 pm
5. Mingle with the other artists at the show opening on Saturday, July 6th from 12-2 pm.  The art will remain during the month of July.  On July 21st, from 2 to 4 pm, we will be having a BIG celebration of what would have been Peter's 100th Birthday with an additional reception and the availability to see even more of Peter's never seen before works of art!


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