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Highlands Gem and Mineral Club

Meets Tuesday, April 9, 2024 

6:00 PM

Meeting is open to the public and there are no dues or membership fees.  The only requirement is an interest and/or curiosity in the fields of geology, lapidary, minerology, and fossils.

April Birthstones is a Diamond, which is the hardest on the scale. 

Avon Park Community and Cultural Center

310 W. Main St. and Museum Ave.

Avon Park.

Enter from the parking lot side 


For more information, call

 Zab at 863-453-7054 and leave a message.


Geologist use a number of tests to tell one mineral from another.

Karen Keshner will discuss and demonstrate  Hardness tests which are very useful in mineral identification. 

All attendees will be able to conduct their own Hardness test with a variety of minerals which will be provided.

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