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Highlands Gem and Mineral Club

Meets Tuesday, December, 12, 2023 

7:00 PM

We will be Displaying Florida Fossils and Shells.

Members are encouraged to bring in their examples of any fossils and shells they have collected in Florida or even other states for discussion.

This meeting will be a "Meet and Greet" with members recounting their

rock-hounding (or other) adventures since the last meeting.  

Bring in material you have dug, discovered or even purchased for display,

identification, sale or trade

December Birthstones are 

Turquoise and Zircon

If you have examples or Jewelry with these stones,

bring them in for "show and tell"


  the Peter Powell Roberts Museum of Art and Culture

second floor of the 

Avon Park Community Center

310 W. Main St. and Museum Ave.

Avon Park.

Enter from the parking lot side and take the elevator to the second floor.

For more information, call

 Zab at 863-453-7054 and leave a message.

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