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Board of Directors

Gaylin Thomas


Carol Dutton


Natalee Kovens

Kevin Collier

Beth Eash

David Flowers

Fred Leavitt
Elaine Levey

Robert Miller

Sharon Weatherhead


Vanessa Logsdon

Ariana Perez

Karla Respress


Mission Statement

To serve as a catalyst for our community and cultural development in Highlands County. To serve as a collective voice and advocate for the arts and cultural organizations in the community.

VIsion Statement

To make the art and cultural affairs a part of every citizen's life and thereby enrich our community.

HCA Snapshot

The Heartland Cultural Alliance ( HCA ) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting art and culture in Highlands County.  HCA is recognized by the State of Florida and county government as the Local Arts Agency designated to collect and distribute funding to local art and culture organizations.

 The organization serves to educate the public of the importance of the art and culture industry for business growth, academic achievement, health care and quality of life.  It is comprised of a spectrum of arts - theater, dance, music and art education organizations, as well as individual artists, writers, designers, therapists, galleries, health care institutions, and business leaders.

 Heartland Cultural Alliance believes that in supporting arts and culture the community as a whole benefits.



  • HCA was incorporated in 2001 as a not-for-profit corporation

  • HCA is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization under IRS code

  • HCA is the Local Arts Agency for Highlands County, designated as such by the Highlands County Board of County Commissioners

  • HCA is a member of the Florida Association of Local Art Agencies

  • HCA is an umbrella and advocacy organization for artists, arts and cultural organizations in Highlands County

  • HCA is the custodial organization for funds generated by the sales of the "Florida-State of the Art" specialty license plates in Highlands County



  • Educate the public, government and business communities about the economic and social importance of arts and culture (A&C)

  • Act as a voice for the A&C community

  • Act as an advocate for the interests of the A&C community

  • Function as the representative for the A&C community

  • Promote A&C organizations of Highlands County 

  • Act as an agent to re-grant funds from state license plate sales

  • Raise funds to support & grow the A&C community

  • Generate grants for re-granting to the A&C community

  • Create opportunities for our members

  • Keep members up-to-date on what is happening relative to A&C activities

  • Provide networking opportunities 

  • Showcase the A&C of Highlands County

The Heartland Cultural Alliance defines cultural organization as one whose primary focus is the production, presentation, instruction and/or direct support of performing, visual, literary or media arts, or history and heritage for the enrichment of the residents and visitors within Highlands County. 

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