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Venue Rental Policy and Agreement


To provide facilities for community activities, youth groups, organizations, clubs, societies, and private functions. To promote goodwill and a spirit of cooperation and community support among the residents and visitors of the City of Avon Park.


The first floor, main venue area of the Center located at 310 W. Main St., Avon Park, FL and the surrounding outside areas.

The reservation process includes:

  • Determining usage and rental fee  

  • Reserving the day and date of rental

  • Reviewing the agreement with the center management.

  • Signing the rental agreement.

  • Paying the deposit and the rental fee.*reservations are not complete until rent and deposit are fully paid.

Rules and Procedures


  1. AUTHORIZED AREA: Use will be restricted to specific authorized areas. It is expected that all visitors will act in a legal and ethical manner.

  2. HOURS OF OPERATION: Use of the facility will be between the hours of 8 AM and 12 AM Monday through Thursday and 8 AM and 1 AM Friday through Sunday. The hourly rate will be deducted from the deposit if Renter exceeds the stated time.

  3. CAPACITY: The maximum number of guests is 240.

  4. ADDITIONAL ACCESS: Renters may have access to the building for 3 hours the day prior to the event for an additional fee. *see rental agreement for rates.

  5. INSPECTION: The Renter will meet with the Center staff to review the inspection checklist which must be signed before and after the event by the Renter or representative. If it is determined the cleaning will be excessive, the additional cost will be deducted from the deposit, along with any expenses incurred by the Center maintenance personnel for clean-up and /or repairs. If the damage amount is in excess of the deposit, the Renter will be billed for the additional cost.

  6. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES of any kind are not permitted.

  7. ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES are not allowed in any form.

  8. YOUTH FUNCTIONS  for ages 21 and under, two responsible adult chaperones must be on the premises at all times.

  9. NO SMOKING  inside the premises or by the front door. Designated Smoking Areas outside the building may be used. All butts and residue must be put into the receptacle provided for that purpose. The Renter is responsible for cleaning up waste left on the ground.

  10. PARKING: All cars and modes of transportation must be parked in the designated parking areas only. Parking in front of the yellow curb is prohibited.

  11. LOADING AND UNLOADING should be done at the side entrance under the canopy.  At no time should the the parking lot entrance be blocked.

  12. SIGNAGE: No advertisements, signs, literature, or notices may be affixed to the building interior or exterior without prior approval.

  13. DECORATIONS are to be attached to the inside walls with a type of adhesive which will not damage the surface area. Absolutely no nails, tacks, staples, pushpins, etc.

  14. FURNITURE: nothing may be stapled to the tables or chairs. Plastic clips or similar materials may be used to secure tablecloths.

  15. CONFETTI: Only birdseed may be thrown outside the premise. No glitter, no raffia of any kind may be used either inside or outside the premises . Renter is responsible for cleaning the outside area of debris, trash and litter left by guests.

  16. FLOORS: No substances may be placed on the floor to enhance dancing or for any other purpose.

  17. CENTER EQUIPMENT may not to be taken outside the building.

  18. FLAMMABLE OBJECTS: No candles, open flames or flammable objects are permitted on premises.

  19. KITCHEN is a catering kitchen only, not a cooking area, only small appliances such as coffee pots and slow cookers may be used. Please check with management if in doubt.

  20. OUTSIDE ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT No outside electrical equipment may be brought in without authorization by Center staff. Some types of equipment may set off fire alarms or be a fire hazard.

  21. NO SMOKE MACHINES ALLOWED. Failure to comply with this policy may result in all or part of the rental deposit being withheld.

  22. SOUND SYSTEM is allowed. The level of sound must be monitored at all times. There are sound detectors that enable the Center staff to detect unusually high levels of sound. If these detectors continue to send alerts you will be asked to lower the volume.  Note:  There may be other events going on in the building, be considerate.

  23. GRILLING Only the area designated in the parking lot may be used for any grilling. Per Florida Fire Prevention Code 10.11.7, grilling of any kind is allowed but must be at least 10 feet from the building. It is not allowed under the overhand of the building.



Disposable Supplies

Prior to your event trash bags, toilet paper, soap, paper hand towels and other items will be made available. If you exceed the amounts given, it is your responsibly to provide the extra supplies.

Toilet paper ___ full rolls per stall + __ extra

Garbage Bags 2 per receptacle


All areas must be returned to their original condition immediately after use of the facility or deposit will be forfeited.

  1.  The Renter is responsible for cleaning and removing all debris both inside and outside. Trash must be placed in the trash cans in bags and then disposed of in the outside dumpster at the edge of the parking lot.

  2. Anything brought in from outside must be removed immediately after the event. The Renter may be charged an extra day’s rental if any equipment or other items are left overnight. HCA will not be responsible for your possessions.

  3. See item 5 above for inspection and damage information.

  4. All tables and chairs that you take out to use, must be returned to their designated area,  Tables and chairs that were set up when you arrived may remain out on your departure.

*Caution: If using any beverages that contain a red dye that may leave stains, there could be additional charges for cleaning and painting.

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