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Rental Contract*

This is a read only document for your information. A printed copy will be signed at the time of rental.

This agreement provides for the use of a portion of the center described below:


First floor, main area of the community and cultural center located at 310 W. Main Street, Avon Park, FL


Name of party (lessee) renting the property: _____________________________


Day and time of Event: _______________________________________________


Opening Time ____________Closing Time___________ Number Attending_____


Alcohol (will _____)  (will not _____ ) be served. (check the appropriate response)



price Chart no ALCAHOL_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Payments for rent and deposit are due at the signing of the contract. (Personal checks are not accepted.)


Deposits will be refunded following inspection of the premises by the event manager.


Cancellation Policy:  60 days in advance – full refund less processing fees.

                                 30 days or less in advance – partial refund TBD


Use of Alcohol:  According to state law, alcohol may not be served to minors (under age 21). 


The use of the facility is for your group’s function only.  No one in the group may allow access to the facility to anyone other than those attending your event.


      _______   I have read and agree to the Policy and Agreement.


      _______    I have signed the Waiver of Liability.

      _______  I.D submitted


Signature of HCA staff: _____________________________________


Date of Contract:/Payment __________________________________


Signature of Lessee: _______________________________________

Lessee  information:


Name: __________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________


Phone Number: ___________________________________________

Email Address: ____________________________________________

*Contracts regarding the use of alcohol are subject to modification.

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