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The Art of Dave Zeller

Nature photography captures wildlife in their natural surroundings,

Birds, Animals, Butterflies, Plants, Flowers, Landscapes,

Underwater Corals, Fish and others.

About Dave by Dave

Dave has always loved the outdoors, especially being on, in or around the water.






“I had been spending my time diving, underwater photography and kayaking, but
in 2013, I started photographing nature for something to do on weekends when I
wasn’t diving or kayaking. If anyone would have told me at that time I was going
to get hooked; I would not have believed them. I am really enjoying nature
photography finding it very similar to underwater photography; in that it is
beautiful, serene and unique. I find it amazing watching the relationships with the
different elements that go on in nature. Now I am able to capture some of those
moments with photography. So why am I here? I want to share those captured
moments with others. As I shared then, many people asked if I sold them. At the
time I wasn’t, but now I am.”

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