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Peter Powell Roberts Legacy Club

The Peter Powell Roberts Museum Legacy Club invites you to be a part of preserving history and enriching futures through our esteemed membership program. Dedicated to ensuring the future and growth of the museum and its programs, this exclusive club offers a unique opportunity to leave a lasting impact on our community's cultural heritage.

As a member of the Peter Powell Roberts Museum Legacy Club, you become a guardian of history, contributing directly to the preservation of our rich heritage for generations to come. Your support enables us to maintain and expand our collections, create engaging exhibits, and develop educational programs that inspire curiosity and foster learning.

Membership in the Peter Powell Roberts Museum Legacy Club is a commitment to the enduring legacy of Peter Powell Roberts, whose vision and passion laid the foundation for our museum's success. With a one-time buy-in fee of $250 and an annual pledge of $200, you join a distinguished community of individuals dedicated to preserving and promoting our cultural heritage.

Your donation grants you a membership in HCA, along with all member benefits

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