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“Nature’s HeART through the Eyes of Cindy Rose Photography"

Cindy Rose Eaton is an award-winning Florida-based artist who, over the past sixteen years, has become a highly respected, professional Everglades wildlife and nature photographer.


Her art reflects her keen interest and appreciation for this unique ecosystem, with her photographic vision having been exhibited in many galleries and art expositions throughout Florida. She shoots with her heart to capture, expose, and help preserve this fragile ecosystem. Her uniquely styled imagery brings the most intricate of details up close to the viewer and reflects Cindy’s personal commitment and her desire to represent each photograph as lifelike as possible, which also motivates and inspires her to expand her own artistic horizons.


Cindy is a native of Montana but has lived in Florida for more than 17 years, during which time she has developed a profound love and passion for Southern Florida’s beautiful, spacious, and magnificent River of Grass … and the wildlife and fauna that are found throughout.

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