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Betty Ford-Smith

Betty spent 38 years as an educator in many unique capacities. She learned to hand sew as a child and shared this skill with many of her students. Betty started making Pinecone (commonly known as Pine Burr) quilts in 2004 under an apprenticeship with Arlene Dennis, a 92-year-old African American woman affectionally known as Ms. Sue. 

Since that time, Betty has taught Pinecone quilting to hundreds of women in the United States and France. She has also produced several YouTube videos on the subject and published a book titled Pinecone Quilts: Keeping Tradition Alive, Learn to Make Your Own Heirloom. 

There have been articles written about her in Create Whimsy, Quilts, Inc., and other publications.

The National Quilt Museum, the International Quilt Museum, and the Smithsonian each have one of her quilts.


Follow these links to learn more about Betty:

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Ms. Sue


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