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Betty Ford-Smith
Pinecone Quilting Workshop

Explore Pinecone Quilting

March 13, 2024 

9 AM - 1 PM

Avon Park Community and Cultural Center

Cost:  $50.00

Supply list for Pinecone Quilting

*Participants will trace and cut 5 by 5 inch squares, cutting in class and/or at home (to save time, pre-cut at least 70 to 100)

*Participants will be provided with a square piece of cotton fabric preferable white or off white, measuring 12 x 12 inches for the base, #10 white or off white crochet thread and 3 ½ inch doll needle. No sewing machine and ironing needed.

Bring enough color choices to suit your creative style. Pick colors you love with a variety of light, medium and dark options.

**Supplies participants need to bring – scissors, ruler, pins, pencil or pen to trace fabric squares and one small safety pin

(Optional items to bring)

Precut 4 strips of fabric 4 inches by 14 inches for your border selection or wait until you finish the sample block and then make your border selection.

Additional Information:  Bring along any drinks or snacks you might want.

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